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My Online Business offers you the choice of four pricing plans to help get you started selling online.  If you choose the "Basic Plan" you can upgrade at any stage to a "Website Plan" where all your existing inventory can be made available on your website.
Features Basic Website Plans
Standard Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Application Features
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Limited Full Full Full Full
Free 30-Day Trial Account
Disk Space (Images & Database)
(Per Seller Account)
N/A 200 MB 300 MB 500 MB Unlimited
Data Transfer
(Per Seller Account)
N/A 5 GB/m 10 GB/m 30 GB/m Unlimited
One-Time Setup Costs
Standard Website Development
(per Website)
(See table below)
N/A AU $1,999
On Going Costs
Comodo InstantSSL Certificate
(Yearly Subscription per Website)
N/A AU $250
Domain Name Creation/Renewal
(2 Year Subscription per Website)
N/A AU $45
Monthly Subscription Fee
Seller Account)
AU $49 AU $199 AU $249 AU $299 AU $349
Monthly Sales Fee
Seller Account)
See table below Please contact us for a quote
Optional Services
Ticket Support - (See table below) AU $15 per ticket
(10 free tickets per month for website plans)
Phone Support - (See table below) AU $1.50 per minute
(1 hour free support per month for website plans)
Setup & Configuration - (See table below) AU $1,000 per seller account
Installation - (See table below) AU $50 per machine
Inventory Data Import - (See table below) AU $1,500 per import
Training - (See table below) AU $100 per hour
General Development - (See table below) AU $100 per hour (Quote Available on request)
Upgrading your Server & Network Infrastructure Please email TD Technology at for a quote.
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Free 30-Day Trial Offer

Trial our "Basic Plan" for 30 days absolutely FREE.  We do not require any credit card details for the free trial signup.

Basic Plan - Monthly Sales Fee Table

Monthly Sales*

Fee %

AU $0 - AU $500 Free
AU $500.01 - AU $1,000 4% for every AU $1 over AU $500
AU $1,000.01 - AU $50,000 AU $20 plus 2% for every AU $1 over AU $1,000
AU $50,000.01 - AU $100,000 AU $1000 plus 1% for every AU $1 over AU $50,000
AU $100,000.01 and over AU $1500 plus 0.75% for every AU $1 over AU $100,000

For example: If your total monthly sales is AU $75,000 your monthly sales fee is AU $1000 + AU $250 ((AU $75,000 - AU $50,000 = AU $25,000) * 0.01) = AU $1250

*The Monthly Sales Fee is calculated from the final sale price of an item. Please note that the Monthly Sales Fee is exclusive of any shipping or handling costs for your products.


Standard Website Development

You can either supply us with your own website template or you can purchase one from the following recommended Website Template Providers and we will incorporate it into our framework.

Provider Name URL
Template Monster

If you can't find a suitable website template and would like a quote on a creating your own Custom Built Template, please contact us.

Please Note: Standard Website Development supports HTML Templates ONLY.

We can change, tweak and modify your designs to your liking. You can apply up to 5 revisions per project free of charge.

Phone & Ticket Support

If you have a website plan, you're allowed 10 free tickets & 1 hour phone support free of charge per month.  Once you have used up your quota, charges will apply.  Support will only cover the My Online Business application and does NOT cover hardware related issues (ie. fixing faulty PC's or setting up network connections as this is not our responsibility)

If you have an issue that is caused by our application, then the support call is completely free and doesn't come off your monthly usage.  This will be determined by us at the start of the call and we will be able to determined if the error was caused by our system.
Setup & Configuration

We can set your system up for you which includes the following:

  1. Company Information
  2. Delivery & Payment methods
  3. Watermark & Gallery Images
  4. Email accounts
  5. Mail Signatures
  6. Automated Emails
  7. Website categories

This also includes installation of our application including SQL Server Express Edition if required.  All installations are done remotely over the internet.

Inventory Data Import

There are 2 ways to import your inventory data into the My Online Business application:
  1. No Cost Method: You can create your inventory items by importing your existing eBay auctions direct from eBay which will create 80% of your inventory data which includes eBay auction data, website data, descriptions and Images.
  2. $1,500 Method: If you require a more detailed import and have a copy of your data from a previous system in a CSV or XML file, we can import your data into our system which will save you days/months of work.  We can also match up your existing listings to our system to help you get up and running a lot quicker.

Training normally takes between 4 to 8 hours depending on the level you're after.  Training can be broken up over several days to allow you to absorb the different sections of the application.

Please note: All training is done remotely over the internet & a landline phone.  We connect onto your machine using our remote software so see the training on your own machine.
General Development

If you need any amendments to your website or need any specific development done you can request for a Quote for the job.
Seller Accounts

My Online Business allows you to create unlimited seller accounts/websites in your account however each seller account will be charged on an individual basis.

Image Hosting

My Online Business will generally store images on our Image Hosting servers for the life of your account, although My Online Business may delete images at any time, at its discretion.

Free 30-Day Trial Account

All My Online Business users begin their account with an unlimited 30-day free trial Account on a Basic Plan with no sales fees assessed.

Trial periods are 30 days from the account creation date.  If you select a paid plan during your trial period, that election will go into effect at the end of the your 30-day trial.  The trial period will not be shortened.  In such case, monthly fees will not be incurred until the paid plan election takes effect.

Automatic proration will apply where a user switches from trial to a paid plan that includes a monthly fee.  The proration will be calculated based on a 30-day billing cycle:
(Number of Days / 30) x Monthly Subscription Fee.

Changing Your Pricing Plan

You can change your pricing plan at any time. That pricing plan change election will only go into effect at the start of the next billing cycle if the change is from one paid plan to another.  You can not change your plan from a website plan to a basic plan.


My Online Business will automatically generate invoices which you can pay for by logging into your account through the My Online Business website.  Once you have selected a paid plan, My Online Business will invoice you the non-refundable monthly fee indicated.  All monthly fees and usage fees will be charged until you cancel your subscription.

All My Online Business users will be on the same billing cycle, to follow full calendar months. The billing cycle cut off date/time is 23:59:59 AEST on the last day of each month (for example: Jan. 31, Nov 30, etc.).

Typically during the first week of each month, we will create an invoice for your account, comprising all of your charges for the previous billing cycle. We will immediately notify you by email and through the software that your invoice is ready for your review on the site.

Payment is required 15 days following invoice creation.  We will notifying you through email and our software application that payment is due as soon as the invoice has been created. Fees are payable in AU dollars.

Unpaid invoices greater than 15 days old will limited your access to the software until the invoice has been paid in full or
your account may be suspended or terminated for non-payment at My Online Business's discretion.   You agree to reimburse My Online Business for any costs arising from collections activity.

Changes to Fees

My Online Business may change the Fees Policy effective 30 days after those changes have been posted on our web site, which may include the addition of new fees. We may change any promotional discounts, or the fee/duration details of the trial period, and such changes are effective when we post them.

Account Closure

You may close your account on our site or by request to Customer Support.  My Online Business may, at its discretion, cancel or suspend your account for violations of this agreement or other reason, including but not limited to violations of My Online Business's Terms of Service.  If your account is not cancelled but remains unused, you are still responsible for any incurred fees (monthly fees). Upon account closure, you are responsible for the entire monthly fee, if applicable. Your final monthly fee (if applicable) will not be prorated.

Discounts and Refunds

My Online Business may, at its discretion, offer discounts, coupons or promotions that may reduce applicable fees.

You will not be entitled to a refund in the event we cancel your account for a violation by you of My Online Business's Terms of Service, or if you have not used our services.